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2018 Best Home Security Reviews

Updated October 19, 2018

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From the Geek Blog

Qualifying Credit Score for Purchase of a Home Security System

Home Security Credit Scores

In talks with sales agents as a homeowner scouts around for a home security system, their initial spiel would typically cover a brief company background then a more lengthy explanation of features and packages. Noticeably, at the start, they are practically silent on the topic of qualifying credit score, seeming to bring everybody in first […]

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Home Security Systems: What You Need To Know About Garage Door Sensors

Garage Door Sensors

When homeowners purchase home security systems, it makes sense that they prioritize securing the perimeter doors and windows with sensors as these are proven preferred entry points for burglars. Not to be overlooked, though, is the garage which is the largest, most conspicuous entrance to the interior of many homes. The garage becomes particularly vulnerable […]

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The Best Spots to Mount an Alarm Keypad

A home alarm system is a great way to thwart a break-in. Studies and reliable statistics prove that a home fitted with an alarm system is far less likely to be the target of a burglar. The heart of a home security system is the control pad, it is the component of the system that […]

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Home Security System: What You Need To Know About Glass Break Sensors

Glass Break Sensor

How do glass break sensors augment overall home security? Door and window sensors get activated only if the door or window is opened. However, if someone attempts to break into a home by breaking or shattering a glass door or window, the contact sensors will not detect this. The burglar can gain entry into the […]

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Wireless vs. Cellular Systems

Home security system companies now offer wireless/cellular packages. Many homeowners are asking though, “What is the difference between wireless and cellular? Aren’t they the same?” The answer: Yes, wireless and cellular are the same in the sense that both do not use a physical connection by wire and instead rely on radio signals to work. […]

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Home Security Hot Topic Update: Is The White House Really Secure?

( Since we posted the article Home Security Hot Topic: IS THE WHITE HOUSE REALLY SECURE, there have been recentbreaches in White House and U.S. Capitol security. ( 11 April 2015 A man shoots himself to death at the west front of the Capitol building, triggering a precautionary lockdown. 12 April. In broad, daylight, an […]

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