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Home Burglary: By The Numbers

Homeowners could be swayed to a false sense of security by their neighborhood’s quiet facade, well-lit streets, ‘neighborhood watch’ signs and young family demographics. For a more thorough risk assessment of the community, though, it is important to consider these leads alongside hard data on home burglary. There are a lot of national, state and […]

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For Billionaires’ Row – The Ultimate Home Security Protection

News stories about celebrity homes being threatened give us a peek into their security systems’ components: an imposing front gate, flood lights, security personnel, guard dogs, surveillance cameras with night vision, a helipad, watch towers, a panic room. Taking their security systems even further is a very affluent segment of the market ? the billionaires […]

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Snatching the Best Promo Deals in Home Security Systems

Promo deals could seal or sweeten the deal for homeowners who are about to purchase a home security system and so the security companies make sure these are out there on ongoing basis. There are various kinds of promotions offering great savings: Free installation Free shipping Free equipment such as different kinds of sensors, touchpads, […]

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iHomeSecurity – Getting Interactive with Your System

Not uncommon: A friend was at work 40miles away from his residence and gets a call from the home security company that their alarm has set off. The backup, a relative who lived 10 miles away from him, was a thousand miles away on vacation. His wife was at home but was sleeping and could […]

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