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Home Burglary: By The Numbers

burglary and home security statiistics

Homeowners could be swayed to a false sense of security by their neighborhood’s quiet facade, well-lit streets, ‘neighborhood watch’ signs and young family demographics. For a more thorough risk assessment of the community, though, it is important to consider these leads alongside hard data on home burglary.

There are a lot of national, state and city reports on crime rates, inclusive of residential burglary or break-ins. The precursors and circumstances of burglary can be gleaned from statistics sourced from the Bureau of Justice Crime Victimization Survey:

  • A burglary happens once every 15 seconds.
  • The majority of residential burglaries (65%) occur when most people are at work? Between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Burglars spend an average 8-12 minutes in the home.
  • Most burglaries take place through open doors and windows.
  • Thirty four percent (34%) of burglars enter through the front door. The master bedroom is usually the first area targeted.
  • Average loss per burglary in U.S. break-ins is $2,230. Favorite items to steal from the home are cash, jewelry, electronic equipment, guns.
  • The chance of being victimized by a professional thief is low. The typical house burglar is a male teenager who lives within a couple of miles.
  • Factors such as drugs, gang-on gang violence and poverty tend to increase likelihood of break-ins.
  • A home without a security system is 2-3x more likely to be a target for burglary.

It becomes more unnerving as one looks at data such as the incidence rate of a household member present during burglary (28%) or of a household member being violently victimized during burglaries (7%). Single females with children experienced the highest rate of burglary while someone was at home (22 victimizations per 1000 households). All these give a heightened awareness of the fact that not only property but,more critically, lives are at stake in a break-in.

The above information are exacerbated by the present day reality of the internet and social media which expose photos of the household members and of the insides of the house as well as household information like headcount, genders, ages, number of members working / studying, vacation details. Access to these makes it even easier for the burglar, who typically lives nearby, to stalk a target home and its vicinity.

Observations and facts help a homeowner assess safety within a community and to identify how to live accordingly and what measures to take given the risks. The sad fact remains, though, that burglary can happen anywhere and all it takes is just one incident to cause irreparable damage to property and life. Given this, it is imperative for the homeowner to be proactive and therefore to avail of that solution which is most optimal and dependable and that is installing a home security system. Home security systems have been proven to have a strong deterrent effect and in real and present danger, they offer the most efficient and most prompt alarm and notification.

Traditional solutions still work ? a barking dog, the eyes and ears of a friendly neighbor, reinforced doors and windows ? but a smart homeowner would know best to keep in that protection mix a hardworking, technologically advanced home security system such as those offered by leading companies Frontpoint, Protect America, ADT, LifeSHIELD and Vivint.