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Home Security Hot Topic Update: Is The White House Really Secure?

Since we posted the article Home Security Hot Topic: IS THE WHITE HOUSE REALLY SECURE, there have been recentbreaches in White House and U.S. Capitol security. (

11 April 2015 A man shoots himself to death at the west front of the Capitol building, triggering a precautionary lockdown.

12 April. In broad, daylight, an unidentified 4-year old boy jumped over a bike fence along Pennsylvania Avenue, resulting to a brief security scramble at the White House grounds. The child was safely reunited with his parents.

15 April. A pilot of an ultralight aircraft flew for over an hour over restricted airspace, landing on the Capitol’s West Lawn.The pilot of the gyrocopter, Doug Hughes, is a mailman from Florida who wanted to make a statement on issues he has about campaign finance laws.

This incident gained attention for being potentially life-threatening and terrorism-like and, more so, because the airspace over the White House and the U.S. Capitol are supposedly the most restricted in the country.

With major threats of terrorist attacks worldwide raising vulnerability of major U.S. locations and, particularly, of the White House, it is alarming how small but potentially dangerous incidents such as above can go under the radar of White House and Capitol security — or is it now insecurity?

How do we apply lessons learned by the security forces of the nation’s capital from these recent events to our own personal or home security? Be on the lookout for unfamiliar faces hanging around in your neighborhood and for unusual scenarios such as cars circling around your street or small aircrafts and drones hovering over. Whether in Pennsylvania Avenue or Main Street, as they would put it — Be aware of your surroundings.