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Home Security Systems News : Frontpoint’s New Product Introduction and Pricing Announcement

To ensure ability to provide a home monitoring platform with the flexibility and ability to meet the evolving needs of homeowners, Frontpoint has announced the addition of the Touch-Screen Control Panel to their product lineup and a pricing change in their Interactive Monitoring Plan.

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Touch-Screen Control Panel

Committed to providing the best possible customer service and premium home security monitoring products, Frontpoint is introducing even more cutting-edge technology in their systems via their latest offering  — the Touch-Screen Control Panel. This will be officially launched in the market in the second quarter of 2015.

Frontpoint’s GE Simon XT Control Panel will still be available; the Qolsys IQ Touch-Screen Control Panel to be offered as an upgrade to homeowners who are after the most advanced control panel in the market. This latest offering will be compatible with all existing Frontpoint sensors and will support new sensor options.

The Touch-Screen Control Panel has an easy to navigate touch screen interface that puts full system functionality at the homeowner’s fingertips.  This technology allows the user to interact directly and swiftly with the content and settings of what is displayed on the screen.

Key benefits are:

  • Capability to easily arm in stay or away mode and to add options like silencing exit sounds or cancelling entry delay with a touch, etc.
  • Photo capability. The built-in camera takes a photo when a delay door is opened and a code is entered without triggering the alarm. Also, it captures image and timestamp every time the system is disarmed.
  • One can quickly change panel text and voices (available in 3 languages: English, Spanish and French).
  • Simultaneous cellular and Wi-Fi communication improves speed and smarter redundancy (the data back-up capability of the system).
  • Android-based operating system provides software upgrade capabilities to keep the panel up-to-date or compatible with new features, improvements and new devices.
  • Ability to program as many unique user codes as needed so that one can more accurately track who goes in and out of the house.
  • All existing Frontpoint panel features, including 100% wireless and cellular technology, Crash and Smash protection and more.

Features include:

  • 7-inch LCD resistive touchscreen with high resolution (800 x 480),  providing accurate touch control.  A resistive touchscreen responds to  a finger, fingernails or any other pointing device.
  • Capable of supporting up to 39 sensors
  • 91 dBA internal siren
  • 24-hour lithium ion back-up battery
  • Tabletop stand and wall mount kit
  • SD card slot and customizable photo frame screensaver
  • Weather reporting app included
  • Camera app and built-in front-facing camera

The Home Screen has a built-in camera (see 1  below) which takes a picture each time you disarm the system.  The header, just below this, shows date and time.

  1. The Primary User Interface (2-7) contains the panel apps.
  2. Arm/Disarm. The icon allows you to quickly arm/disarm the system.
  3. Weather. Show’s today’s weather forecast at a glance.
  4. Camera Menu. Allows you to view all disarm pictures, Image Sensor pictures (when paired with an Image Sensor) and alarm pictures.
  5. Status Menu. Quickly view the system’s status, any immediate alerts, as well as alarm and sensor history.
  6. Home Control Menu. Control any home automation devices you have connected to your system.
  7. Apps Menu. Access to a few system applications, including the Photo Frame and panel volume control.

The footer has the settings and help buttons.

  1. Emergency Button. Press this button to initiate a panic alarm for the respective service requested: police, fire or medical emergency.
  1. Home Button. Press this button at any point while using your system to navigate back to your home screen.

Pricing Announcement

Effective May 1, 2015, the price of Frontpoint’s Interactive Monitoring Plan will increase to $ 44.99. Current customers will not be affected by the price adjustment and Frontpoint will continue to honor the $ 42.99 price for any consumer who may have received or requested a quote prior to the change effectivity date.

One of Frontpoint’s key competitive advantage is that all their plans, including the Interactive Monitoring Plan, are 100% wireless and cellular.  The Interactive Plan’s added benefit is being able to interact or to  control one’s security system remotely and to receive security alerts via smart devices.  Additionally, the plan has home automation capabilities.

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