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Home Security Systems: What You Need To Know About Garage Door Sensors

Garage Door Sensors

When homeowners purchase home security systems, it makes sense that they prioritize securing the perimeter doors and windows with sensors as these are proven preferred entry points for burglars. Not to be overlooked, though, is the garage which is the largest, most conspicuous entrance to the interior of many homes.



The garage becomes particularly vulnerable as many homeowners do not regularly lock the door from the garage into the home since it is not directly accessible from the outside ? but the garage door is. Aside from being an entryway to the home, the garage itself is appealing also to burglars because it serves as storage for valuables and re-sellable items such as vehicles and power tools. Add to this the fact that it is increasingly being used as an extension of the main house ,functioning also a spare room, mini kitchen, home office, ‘mancave’, etc. ?housing even more items of value.

Even if the garage appears safe because it relies on electricity and uses an automatic garage door opener, it is actually very easy for criminals to break into as shown in a video which shows thieves breaking into a garage in just six seconds and using only a wire hanger ( video:

Given theexposed location of garages and that criminals can easily force entry into these, incorporating garage door sensors in a home security system is a smart move for a homeowner.

How Does a Garage Door Sensor Work?The Garage Door Sensor is mounted on the inside surface of the overhead garage door.The wireless sensor is smaller than a thumband can be set up using double-sided adhesive tape. The sensor has a weight switch that is activated as the garage door is lifted, and moves from vertical to horizontal.The sensor goes into alarm condition when it detects that the open door is tilted at a certain angle such as 35 or 45 degrees, communicating wirelessly to the control panel which, in turn, sends an alert to the central monitoring station. (


Interactive Monitoring. With apps and remote control capability connected to the home security system, automatic text or email notifications can be sent if there is an intrusion through the garage. Also, if the garage door is left open after a certain time eliminating the anxiety each time one drives away from home and forgets if the garage door has been closed.


Strengthening Garage/HomeSecurity.Securing the garage, an easy access point into and sometimes an extension of the home, is a major step towards achieving whole home security. Alarm systems can easily be extended to the garage by installing Garage Door Sensors. Top home security system companies ADT, Frontpoint, Vivint and Protect America have these in their menu of sensors.Garage Door Sensors are not part of most standard security packages but these canbe easily incorporated and costed under a customized equipment package.

Other sensors / equipment which help secure the home from unauthorized entry through the garage include: Door Sensors, particularly for that door leading from the garage into the house; Motion Light Sensors installed right outside and above the garage; surveillance cameras.