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Geek Score 9.8/10

Top Features

  • Available Nationwide
  • Crash & Smash Protection
  • 100% Cellular Monitoring
  • Remote Thermostat, Light and Video
  • Text, Phone & Email Alerts

Monthly Monitoring Rates

$34.99 $44.99 $49.99
Basic  Interactive  Video 

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The Pros

  • Do-it-yourself installation means there are no installation fees and can be customized to the clients liking
  • Interactive alarm services through This feature can control locks on doors, lamps, and thermostats via the Z-wave automation system
  • 24-hour wireless monitoring
  • Utilizes GE brand monitoring equipment
  • The Better Business Bureau has rated Frontpoint with an "A"
  • The alarm is pinged daily to test the system and the owner will be notified of issues immediately
  • "Crash and Smash" Protection for burglaries
  • Customer service is considered among the best

The Cons

  • Availability is limited to only areas with cell phone reception
  • The system does not come equipped with a two-way intercom
  • The system is not licensed in Quebec, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Henderson, Nevada. Due to Las Vegas' "no-response" policy, Frontpoint has made the decision not to sell their systems in this city
  • The warranty for the equipment lasts only 2 years, but Frontpoint has an excellent track record for working with clients to solve problems


In the business of home security monitoring, FrontPoint is definitely the new kid on the block. Founded in 2005, the company has the stated goal of revolutionizing the industry by providing plug-and-play systems. FrontPoint prides itself on offering a combination of clear pricing, cutting-edge monitoring technology and stellar customer service. Based on the online buzz, they seem to be doing a lot of things right.


Wires? Forget about them. FrontPoint’s DIY home security technology doesn’t fuss with wires. The sensors and keypad rely on cellular signals rather than traditional phone lines, as is the case with many other monitoring systems. Crafty burglars often snip landline connections before entering a home, disabling even the most sophisticated alarms. With FrontPoint, that’s just not possible.

As for hardware, FrontPoint offers everything you expect from a home security provider. They feature door and window contacts, motion sensors, glass break sensors, heat sensors and more. None of FrontPoint’s sensors require any specialized installation or technical know-how. You can even add more components later as your needs change, or pack up and take the system with you when you move. No other company can boast of a portable alarm system.


As their wireless technology runs on a plug-and-play mechanism, FrontPoint is able to offer the most competitive pricing in the industry. A FrontPoint representative will openly discuss all of your pricing and package options when you call. Nothing stings more than hidden costs, even small ones. FrontPoint tells (and sells) it like it is from day one. New customers also get free shipping and free activation on their alarm system–sauce for the goose, you might say.


According to satisfied customers, FrontPoint’s dedication to quality customer service is tough to beat. Pushy sales tactics are not part of the game plan with this company. They offer a 30-day free trial for all new customers. And because the system adapts to your changing needs, FrontPoint is sincerely interested in building a relationship with each and every one of their happy customers. With service like theirs, it’s little wonder that FrontPoint has quickly positioned itself as one of the most highly regarded home security companies in America.


Attention do-it-yourselfers: FrontPoint is the home security system for you. No technician will visit your home, and with the online access feature, you have complete control over your home’s alarms no matter where you are. You definitely can’t complain about pricing either. Wireless technology means simple installation, low costs, and unbeatable peace of mind.

On the other hand, not everyone is comfortable doing things themselves. Some folks may want to have an on-site visit from a professional to install and demonstrate their system. Likewise, those still attached to landlines may not be sold on a cellular alarm system. If any of these apply to you, then FrontPoint may not be the ideal company for your security requirements.