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Geek Score 5.2/10

Top Features

  • Available Nationwide
  • Fast Response Time
  • Unbeatable Reliability
  • Advanced Video Monitoring
    & Mobile Apps
  • Whole Home Fire Protection

Monthly Monitoring Rates

$29.99 $39.99 $49.99
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The Pros

  • Multiple layered monitoring protection. Lifeshield has the unique distinction of the only home security company that offers simultaneous use of landline, broadband, and cell phone monitoring as built in back ups for power outage crises
  • The system can easily move with clients if they relocate due to the system being wireless. There is no system downtime and the company does not need to help you install the system in your new home
  • The settings of the system can be easily customized to your preferences
  • Lifeshield systems come equipped with a Fire Safety Sensor, which detects smoke in the home
  • Lifeshield has 5 monitoring stations in the United States
  • New features and sensors can be easily added to the system whenever you decide

The Cons

  • Lifeshield does not offer an automation option unlike other companies. That means you cannot control lights, locks, thermostats and more from your cell phone. Lifeshield is apparently working toward including this system sometime in the future, however
  • The Better Business Bureau has rated Lifeshield with a "C+"

Introducing LifeSHIELD

LifeShield is a fast rising star in the industry with an A- rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Its client base now exceeds 1 million, spread across America. The company’s proprietary wireless security systems offer advanced security technology at competitive prices. The system has achieved one of the fastest response times in the industry on record. It is designed with multiple central controls and layers of backup to ensure fail-proof reliability. With a few add-on accessories free of additional monitoring charges, LifeShield’s home alarm package can be transformed into a virtually unbeatable wireless security system that will definitely not cost the user an arm and a leg.


Most security systems use only one method of connection for all hardware to send signals out to the monitoring center, meaning that you have to choose between landline phone, broadband internet, or cellular signals to for monitoring. LifeShield uses all three for its top home security package. If your phone line is cut or the internet gets interrupted, your security system remains fully functional. Or if a burglar disconnects the console or base, another component picks up the signal and gets you lightning fast response from the monitoring center. The system is redundant. Two alarm systems, instead of one, are installed in the home. With such strong features, LifeShield has won an excellence award for technology and innovation from the industry. Beyond the standard package, a full suite of free interactive monitoring features also comes with every security system. That includes remote access, mobile apps, console, motion detectors, a unique fire protection alert besides the regular smoke detectors, window and yard decals, and much more. The company has over 20 patents in the home security industry for its equipment and monitoring technology.


LifeShield strives to offer the most formidably backed-up home security systems and state-of-the-art services without breaking your budget. Many other home security companies offer great discounts or zero fees upfront, but can surprise clients later with a hefty bill for additional equipment and monthly security monitoring. LifeShield offers free hardware, with the basic monitoring fees starting at $29.99. Going beyond the standard burglary, medical and fire threat monitoring, LifeShield offers a full-range service package that includes interactive features such as remote web and mobile access, mobile apps, email and text notifications, safety score, local crime data and alerts. The suite costs a monthly monitoring fee that ranges between $35.99 and $40.99. The equivalent package elsewhere costs more than $50.00.


LifeShield was relatively unknown in the security industry until customers recently began noticing its extra service features and online Knowledgebase for clients. This online customer information base provides quick answers to your questions, or friendly and attentive LifeShield support staff will be ready on the phone to help you. Sales representatives are knowledgeable and helpful without being pushy. Customer feedback most often highlights the company’s responsiveness to major and minor issues, professionalism and readiness to help.


From relative obscurity, LifeShield has emerged quickly to the top ranks of home security solutions providers. That was made possible by the company’s competitive pricing, a record fast response time, strong service features and most of all, technologically superior dual defense wireless alarm systems.