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Top Features

  • Available Nationwide
  • Cellular, Broadband & Landline
  • No Activation Fees
  • No Equipment Fees
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty

Monthly Monitoring Rates

$19.99 $37.99 $47.99
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The Pros

  • Do-it-yourself installation is an option, so no extra fees, or dealing with technicians is necessary. The system can be returned if issues arise
  • Protect America gives clients more free equipment than its competitors
  • Low prices. The "Copper Plan" via a landline begins at $19.99 a month
  • Rates are locked in for the duration of your patronage of the company. There will be no escalation of rates or additional fees unless a service or feature is added requiring an extra charge for the life of your initial contract
  • Equipment comes with a lifetime warranty

The Cons

  • Low rates withstanding, it should be reiterated that the lowest rates come with services via landline or broadband, which are not foolproof against would-be criminals, and can be lost in a power outage
  • Protect America does not offer a free trial period


Based in Round Rock, Texas, Protect America offers a wide range of home security monitoring solutions. You might notice they have a slightly lower profile than many of their competitors, this is because they spend less money on advertising. Judging from their website and social media presence, Protect America can accurately be described as a “no frills” company. They sell excellent security systems, provide good service, and have some of the best pricing available.

Rather than charge upfront for installation or equipment, Protect America spreads the cost your monthly payments, so you don’t get socked with a hefty out-of-pocket cost to get started. They also advertise their lowest rate at $19.99, but keep in mind that this is for a landline, wired system only.


Protect America relies on the latest Simon XT security technology, arguably the best in the industry. All of the security sensors communicate wirelessly with the control panel. Customers can choose landline, broadband or cellular monitoring services, whereas many companies force customers to go with one or another. Key fobs allow quick access to the home. Protect America even offers GPS vehicle tracking for vehicle location security.

If you have existing security hardware in your home, Protect America will make every effort to integrate that hardware into their monitoring service; they won’t force you to buy new equipment if it’s not absolutely necessary.


Price is a big sticking point for many consumers, especially in tough economic times. Protect America might just have the best deal in the industry, assuming you meet a few preconditions. Here’s how it works: there are zero upfront equipment costs when you pass a basic credit check and sign a service agreement. Purchased through another company, similar equipment might cost more than $1000.

On the Protect America website, there’s even a diagram that clearly maps out potential monthly charges and contract conditions. Not every home security company is so transparent with its pricing structure. Protect America offers tiered service packages based on the total number of protection points. You can also select additional sensor types, such as flood sensors and smoke detectors. When you speak to a representative, be sure to mention exactly what you expect from your home security monitoring service. Monitoring services include a standard monthly fee with cellular monitoring being the most expensive.


There are some mixed reviews as to the quality of Protect America’s customer service. However, the company seems to be very responsive to any and all complaints. They offer numerous ways to get in touch with customer support personnel. If you air a grievance on their Facebook page, for example, you can expect a quick response. If anything, their willingness to work with existing equipment is evidence that they wish to promote a “customer first” atmosphere.


Protect America’s technology and monitoring services are more than adequate, and their customer service is great at immediately addressing complaints and concerns. Where this company chooses to compete, though, is price. If you’re concerned that a home security system isn’t in your budget, then think again. Protect America spreads your costs over time. With only a minimal upfront investment, Protect America makes home security possible and accessible to more people, and that’s definitely a good thing. A home security system from Protect America can even save you money. Most insurance companies will give you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance if you have a home alarm system installed.

After activating your home security system, Protect America will send you a certificate of installation to show your insurance provider. In this way, getting a home security system from Protect America could theoretically even pay for itself. Protect America is a great way to get a home security system for no upfront cost. They have a variety of home security packages that provide cutting-edge technology and reliable nationwide monitoring. When combined with their competitive pricing and knowledgeable customer support, Protect America is an excellent option for your new home security system.