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Geek Score 5.9/10

Top Features

  • Available Nationwide
  • Complete Security & Automation System
  • Remote Electronic Door Locks
  • Remote Thermostat
    Lighting, & Appliance Control

Monthly Monitoring Rates

$53.99 $59.99 $69.99
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The Pros

  • Option for home automation feature that controls lights, door locks, and thermostats via cell phone or handheld device
  • The systems are completely wireless
  • The control panel has a touch screen designed by 2Gig Go!
  • The system is pinged daily and the owner will be notified of the system does not respond
  • If, for any reason, the system loses contact with the monitoring station, the client will be informed
  • The system can be remotely access via
  • Equipment comes with a lifetime warranty

The Cons

  • Sales approach is notoriously aggressive, including unsolicited home visits
  • The monthly monitoring fees are expensive
  • Professional installation is required because there is no do-it-yourself option, causing initial costs to be pricey
  • Vivint has no rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Vivint is currently in litigation due to a lawsuit brought against the company
  • Customer service for Vivint has a bad reputation

Introducing Vivint

Vivint fashions itself as a “home services” company – part security, part automation, all tech savvy. They’re the nerdiest member of the home security monitoring fraternity, and proud of it. In 2011, Vivint changed its name from APX Alarm, signaling a shift in focus for the company. With just more than 500,000 customers in the US and Canada, Vivint isn’t the largest home security company, but they’re definitely the nerdiest (in a good way!).


Wireless technology is at the heart of Vivint. Every piece of hardware in a Vivint security package communicates with the control panel via cellular signals. Burglars might cut your phone lines, but that won’t defeat your security system. Homeowners have total access to all features of their system via a free cell phone app.

Vivint goes beyond just home security, providing solutions for energy management, home safety and home automation. When you’re away on vacation, you can make sure that your thermostat is turned down and the landscape lighting is on the proper schedule. Did you forget to lock the door this morning? Simply check your security system’s status online and lock the door remotely if necessary. The potential savings from having a fully automated, energy efficient and environmentally conscious home can be substantial.


Vivint strives to be competitive on pricing, but still ends up as one of the costlier alternatives in the market. Part of this is because they don’t offer what might be called “basic” packages. Also, the wireless and interactive system is expensive in its own right. Of course, it’s always true that you get what you pay for, and with Vivint, you get quite a lot. The technology is all top shelf and covered by an attractive warranty.


Vivint has been roundly criticized for hard sell tactics. Unlike many home security companies, Vivint employs door to door salespeople in some areas. However, although Vivint is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, BBB still acknowledges the company’s honest efforts in resolving customer complaints. For technical issues, Vivint operates a 24/7 support hotline. Many of the complaints against Vivint date back to its days as APX Alarm. As part of the company’s rebranding, it’s making a push to restore its reputation in terms of customer responsiveness and service. You will notice on the company Facebook page that an actual person responds to customer comments and issues, rather than an automated boilerplate message.


Vivint wants to be more than a home security company–they want to create the “home of the future,” today. If you’re tech savvy and can’t live without the latest gadgetry, then a full-featured home automation package from Vivint will probably tickle your fancy. On the other hand, if new technology stresses you out, it would be best to choose a different provider.