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The Best Spots to Mount an Alarm Keypad

A home alarm system is a great way to thwart a break-in. Studies and reliable statistics prove that a home fitted with an alarm system is far less likely to be the target of a burglar. The heart of a home security system is the control pad, it is the component of the system that is used daily to arm and disarm the system by entering secret security codes. Most homes will only have a single security pad; however, larger homes will often have multiple pads. As the security code must be entered within a very short period of time once you enter the home, the pad must be mounted in a strategic location. The best spots to mount the control pad are:


The main door:


There is always one door in the house which is used most often. It is a must that the security pad be mounted close to this particular door. Once you or a member of the family that has the code enters the house, the home security alarm can be reset before it goes off and advises the monitoring company. When the pad is located close to the main entry and exit point, false alarms can be avoided.


In the garage:


Many people that have remote garage door openers find the most convenient location for the security system touch pad to be in the garage. The system can be de-activated the moment the driver gets out of the car.


Side or back door:


Most homes have a side door or backdoor to their house, this door often leads to the backyard or the driveway. These secondary doors are often not visible from the street, hence, they are considered vulnerable. Installing the control pad in this area can serve as a reminder to activate the system when you leave.


The patio door:


The patio door is used extensively; this is especially true in the summer months. Putting the control pad near this door will eliminate the lag time to get to the pad if it is mounted in a more remote part of the house.


Entry from the garage:


The home alarm system acts as the interface for communicating with the monitoring company. Installing the control pad just inside the door that leads to and from the garage is also a practical location as this door is used frequently.


Master bedroom:


In the event of an emergency, having the control close by can prove fortuitous. In the event you sense a break-in attempt is in progress you can put the system into distress mode, the system will still act normal but it will have sent a message to the monitoring station that the situation is critical.