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Wireless Systems: Safeguarding Your Home and Family the More Reliable Way

Our secure wireless technology guarantees reliable connectivity for alarm monitoring and response without the possible disruption caused by severed wirings. Wired systems for home security are complex and highly vulnerable. Internet connectivity or a working landline phone is a necessary component of a hardwired security system. We all know robbers normally cut the cords of a wired home security system and go ahead with their business. FrontPoint has cemented its status in the industry as the first security provider to utilize 100% wireless technology across the country. Our tested wire-free sensors have been confirmed to send signals to the control panel with high security and efficiency. The control panel of your system quickly signals our monitoring center with real-time updates via a safe channel. Burglars will have no cords to cut with your wire-free system. No disruption to your security alarm and phone connections. A no-brainer of a choice. This distinctive wireless, cellular technology is developed into every system we provide. Wireless isn’t an accessory item to our service, so you do not have to pay extra for this technology.

The Alarm System You Can Depend On

We reinvented the typical security solutions so we can bring more value to the protection packages we now offer to families. The organization’s impressive home security and alarm solutions bring priceless peace of mind to every homeowner. FrontPoint’s low-frequency home security alarm solutions work even under poor network and cellular coverage. This gives you the guarantee any trace of robbery will be monitored. The control panel of your system operates incredibly well even when the device is damaged, sending out signals when a security breach triggers the alarm.

Warranted Round-the-Clock Monitoring Service

Our tracking center never takes a day off. No, not even a second off. Our coverage is widespread – our team knows your local fire and police contacts. Battery Power that work for 24 straight hours power FrontPoint’s control panels. That’s the most time back-up coverage in the market. In the event of an electric power outage in your area, you can be sure you remain protected all day and night.

FrontPoint Security in the Age of Smart Living

A smart home system is a step ahead of the game. conventional alarm keypads aren’t bright enough. FrontPoint gives a completely re-imagined alarm system. As a consequence of smart technology, FrontPoint is able to give homeowners access to their whole protection system from everywhere, anytime. Using your smartphone, you can access mobile apps, GPS tracking and live video feeds wherever you’re.  A smart home security system is easy to customize. The ability to modify your home system is in your hands. Smart security technology is energy-reliable.

Control and Access via Free Mobile Applications 24 hour All Year Round

The feeling of getting out of the loop can be truly frustrating. With FrontPoint, an internet connectivity is all you need from wherever you’re to get access to your security system. You will get notifications via your smartphone or email in situations of possible incidents of burglary, fire, flood or medical emergencies.

Free mobile phone applications keep you in the loop all the time in whatever location you can get an online connection. You can access these apps using your Android phone, iPhone, Blackberry or tablets.

When your alarm is triggered, you’ll be notified of a possible house security breach. The system will spare you unnecessary worry as it lets you monitor your home easily from your office. Opt for geo services and your product will include a self-tracking service, while it follows location-based rules according to your choice.

Frontpoint’s security system lets you pick distinct codes for use by separate members of your household. Given this system function, you will know if your children are all safe at home or if the babysitter came over for the day. None of the conventional security systems in the industry today has this function. How to be smart: Be alert always. Keep yourself well informed.

Personalized Home Security System Puts You in Control

You are the boss of your personalized FrontPoint home protection and monitoring system. You can gain access to the system from anywhere, anytime you want.Arm. Disarm. Review sensor activity. Create access codes. Set up alerts. Can you name another vendor that can do this?

While you are still considering buying or not, FrontPoint already puts you in the driver’s seat. Select what you desire. You are free to add functions to your security system later. You’ve to know what you need to find the right match. Interactive Monitoring: a smart system composed of remote access, SMS alerts, GPS services and lighting control.  Lock automation, live video surveillance footages and thermostat control are featured in the Ultimate Monitoring package. Design your system so it makes sense to you. Naming each sensor will let you memorize their locations easily. Designate a unique access code to each user. Then manage and supervise your entire customized security solution through our user-friendly online portal.

Video Surveillance and Monitoring System

The naked eyes can only see as much. But the FrontPoint video surveillance system can provide you with live feeds and sensor-activated clips. FrontPoint video monitoring is like having additional eyes in the back of your head – and behind your home. Check in on specific rooms at your house, your back yard, your driveway. Being able to monitor your entire home using your mobile phones and tablets relieves you of the stress from constantly worrying about your family’s safety when you’re not at home. FrontPoint’s video surveillance system is easy to setup. Motion-activated security alarms will send you instant notifications with emailed video clips of the action that triggered the alert. A video monitoring system that works like a remote eye – that’s cool! That’s truly smart!

Securing Your Home with Smart Technology

FrontPoint uses 100% wireless technology and best-in-class GE Safety equipment. Given complete remote power over your house safety system at any time of day, you give robbers a tough time trying to do their job. No wirings mean your home security may be invisible to the robbers.Combining security and sophistication is a winner in house protection, thanks to FrontPoint.

Heavy on Features, Easy on the Price Range

We take pride in being direct with our pricing of home security systems. Avoid expensive wireless systems. FrontPoint’s price quotations are all-in. FrontPointcan offer wireless system clients with certification for reduced home insurance premiums. Full authority is provided to the property owner to install and use the home security bundle purchased from FrontPoint according to his needs. We’ll move all equipment and devices to your new home with zero additional cost. Adding more sensors and moving your home safety system to another location is easy with wireless solutions. FrontPoint offering fairly priced and safer security solutions than the conventional system is brilliant.

Stress-Free Home Protection System Set Up

No more complex and time-consuming home protection systems for consumers. While fairly simple to set up and use, FrontPoint’s home security solutions are the most reliable in the market today. With no wires involved, setting up the system is simple and takes just a few minutes. You do not have to deal with the stress of drilling holes into your walls because the system is wireless.

Constant development leads FrontPoint to always improve its systems while keeping them simple to utilize. We do not want problems with our systems to give you any stress. So, we give the best client service possible. FrontPoint is a stress-free security service company for clients. Installing FrontPoint’s simple home protection solutions is a walk in the park.

No Sweat Setup

Setting it up is straightforward you won’t need a specialist to do it. You literally just have to position the equipment, plug it in and you’re on. We Will even pre-configure it for your household upon your order. You won’t sweat placing and sticking your sensors all over your home. Say goodbye to drilling holes and complex wiring.

Our activation team will send confirmation when your home security system is up and running.

FrontPoint Shopping is Trouble-free. Shipment is Free.

From purchasing to installing, everything will be smooth sailing for you. It is our key concern to help you make a sound decision for your house security. The Buying Advice section of our internet site will provide you a lot of help. FrontPoint takes pride in having the finest protection consultants in the industry. A FrontPoint consultant is always ready on the phone to attend to client problems. You don’t have to plan a technician’s visit when you can have expert help over the telephone. Wireless technology lets you add sensors to your system anytime you desire.

After the placement of orders, delivery comes within a fair period. Your system will arrive in just days. Best of all, delivery is free! You find no more sticker shock over hidden “shipping and handling” fees. Who else offers free shipping?

Since FrontPoint alarm systems are easy to install and use, they’re extremely easy to take with you when you move to a new home. In just minutes you can disconnect your control panel, remove the security alarm sensors and take them with you when you are ready to go. We extend free services to relocate your system from one house to another. You just have to inform us of your plan to move and we’ll have our staff ready to help you. Comfort and ease when you relocate – that’s what we want to extend to our customers.

FrontPoint is Hassle-Free

We offer clear-cut answers to your queries. We don’t wish to leave you holding and waiting for very long to speak to our customer service agent. With FrontPoint, there’ll always be live help on the phone for your needs. Our clients say it best. They always flood us with positive opinions concerning our service and staff. For us, security means not needing to worry about a thing. The last thing we would like to happen is for clients to feel uncomfortable with our home security solutions. That’s why we have simplified the system. We are eager to help.

This is what smart home security solutions are about. Complete wireless home security solutions will achieve this objective. You may speak to our customer service representative anytime.

Believe In Complete Protection for Your Home– It Really Works

When it comes to providing home security products and services, FrontPoint is a company you can believe. Our number 1 priority is to bring excellency in every product and service we offer. FrontPoint stays clear of the common complex features of other systems. Rather, it helps consumers to use its simple solutions without a technician’s help. Apart from providing you with a comprehensive manual, an expert will assist you from the initial step of installing it until you’re able to make it work. When set up completely, everything in the entire home security system is synchronized. Our monitoring solution never sleeps. Thanks to GE for delivering FrontPoint with the best devices in the market today.Finally but most importantly – 100% wireless connections. What grants FrontPoint heart and soul is its outstanding customer service.

Highly Knowledgeable Security Consultants

FrontPoint is home to happy employees. They believe in our products. The company finds satisfaction in bringing outstanding home security solutions to every family.

Our sales representatives are actually security consultants. They exhibit the confidence that results from experience. They do not have to knock on doors or deliver high-pressure pitches. FrontPoint stays different by veering away from competitive offerings. We love to delight our clients. We are pleased to receive their thank-you notes, read their 5 stars reviews and watch online videos of their FrontPoint testimonials.

FrontPoint Security Honors:

About 5% of all firms reviewed by a client award body are honored annually with the Angie’s List Super Service Prize. FrontPoint Security is pleased to be one of the awardees in 2012. For service-oriented companies running locally, Angie’s List is considered the most sought-after review website. Angie’s List Super Service Prize 2012 winners have met strict eligibility criteria, like having earned at least the required minimum number of issues resolved, an excellent rating from customers and abiding by the functional guidelines of Angie’s List. Five-Star BBB Rank for FrontPoint Angie’s List isn’t the only website that holds positive ratings on FrontPoint. Positive and authentic feedback from real customers has pushed our ratings up on renowned review websites such as TopTenREVIEWS and Yelp. FrontPoint has been a holder of Better Business Bureau accreditation since 2009, outranking the contest yet again. BBB is a standard of trust and stability for service providers.

We’re driven to make certain that we give only the top products and services to our customers. Evaluate our performance versus the response time on issues and ratings of other security providers. Our track record of strong performance has merited for us BBB accreditation as a home security provider.

100% Risk-Free Trial Offer for a Month

There is a 30-day free trial with no commitments involved. For any reason at all, you’re free to return the devices. Clients dissatisfied with our products may request a complete refund.

FrontPoint stands by the high quality of all its products. With the guarantees packaged with our home security solutions, you can be sure partnering with FrontPoint is the wisest decision you will ever make.